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Darrin got his start in film in 1994 and has become one of the most well-respected and sought-after action directors in the business. He's known for his stylized and visceral action in films such as Ford v Ferrari, Baby Driver, Black Panther, the John Wick series, Drive, and his Screen Actors Guild award-winning car chase work in The Bourne Ultimatum.


Darrin made a name for himself as a talented and hard-working stuntman and stunt coordinator. With an impressive resume of more than 100 films, including The Bourne Supremacy, Spiderman 2, The Hangover, and Independence Day, Darrin has seamlessly transitioned to creating and directing the action on some of Hollywood's most exciting films.

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Konrad Begg has spent years as one of the main directors on Top Gear UK, directing multiple seasons and episodes worldwide along with partnership content films. His work has showcased some of the series’ most epic stunts and car events to date. He’s since become one of the leading automotive industry directors worldwide, creating work for the likes of Range Rover, Lexus, Nissan, Porsche and Ferrari. A true auto enthusiast, Konrad enjoys the challenge of capturing the inherent drama and beautiful design of a vehicle, while also showing the sheer physical and emotional power that they can create in a story. A natural storyteller, he has directed award-winning features and short films. 


Stéphane Leloutre (Deluxe) specializes in all aspects of automotive filmmaking—from commercial to experiential, and print to VR. Using his graphic artistic skills and a solid foundation for storytelling, he has quickly been recognized as a sharp set of eyes in visual and conceptual creativity, and regarded as a visionary talent in design and luxury art direction. Deluxe has been collaborating with The French Automotive PSA Group’s Design and Marketing departments, to rethink and redesign their global main group brands’ (Peugeot and Citroen) creative & artistic direction. He has directed visually stunning campaigns for Mercedes, Hyundai, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, and Smart. His ability to turn a script into a piece of art has been recognized by Porsche, who entrusted him to launch the new design of the Cayenne, Targa and the legendary 911 Carrera. Deluxe was awarded at the prestigious New York Advertising Festival for his Porsche design film.


A graduate of the New York Film School, Gerald began his career directing music videos for artists including Tom Jones, Catatonia, The Longpigs, Ultrasound, My Vitriol and many others. He progressed to commercials and drama, picking up awards from the Live Green Earth Awards, the Creative Circle and the British Television Advertising Awards. He has worked with numerous clients and agencies across the world, including Jaguar, Nissan, Seat, Sky, Tetley, Xcel Energy, and Panasonic. His first short film Thespian X took first prize at The London Film Festival and Panorama at the Berlin Film Festival and his debut feature film, Franklyn starred Ryan Phillipe (Flags Of Our Fathers, Crash), Eva Green (Casino Royale, The Dreamers, Penny Dreadful) and Sam Riley (Control, Maleficent) and was produced by Oscar winning producer Jeremy Thomas.


Dunmore’s unique style of cinematic storytelling, embracing performance and stunning visuals, has established him as an award-winning director and fuels his passion for filmmaking. He has directed campaigns for clients such as BMW, Lexus, Hermes, Mercedes, and many others. 


South African born Andrea Jade Colomb started out her career while studying in London as a production assistant, then joined RSA Films as a creative researcher which launched her directing career. 

It wasn't long before she started to receive recognition for her raw humanity and brave sense of humor. She won the YDA for her film "Visit Iceland." Since then, she has gone on to direct global campaigns world-wide. Her knack for comedy and making people happy is her driving force.

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Patrick Sherman started as a production designer on commercials, feature films, and television shows before moving into directing himself. A master of comedy, he's directed for the likes of Ford, GMC, Dodge, and Kelly Blue Book. 

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Zach Umperovitch is a combination of mad scientist and creative genius — a master at creating mind blowing experiential innovations. Zach/ZynnLabs specialize in ambitious PR campaigns, unique experiential events, and intricate creations for TV and film. He’s a two-time Guinness World Record holder for the largest Chain Reaction machine ever built, and co-author of the soon to be released "How to Rube - The Official Instruction Manual on Building Your Own Rube Goldberg Machines."


Zach revived "Robot Wars,” for BBC, introduced Spongebob to Broadway, and educated Richard Hammond on the complexities of Rube Goldberg Machines in "Richard Hammond's Crazy Contraptions"

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Sophia's diverse portfolio ranges from lifestyle, fashion, auto, sports, action, and VFX. She recently debuted her first feature film, Black Site (2022) – a female-driven action thriller – and is currently prepping for her second.


Kathi Prosser's career spans everything from cinematic storytelling and performance, to lifestyle, beauty, and auto, as well as being very savy with VFX. Kathi's attention to detail and visually dynamic approach, brings a unique perspective and energy to every project she collaborates on. She's directed campaigns for notable brands including Kia, CVS, Venus, & McCafe.


Especially known for his art direction, and the creation of dynamic transitions as a device to take the viewer on an exquisite journey, Mr. Francois has directed spots for brands including Facebook, Hyundai, Mastercard, and Hello Bank.


With a background in design and VFX, Travis Hanour is a writer/director who builds atmospheric environments, with powerful visuals and unique performance across multiple categories. He’s directed work for legendary clients, including Nike, Uniqlo, AMD, EA Sports, TaylorMade and NFL.

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